​Ellisville Community Garden Members and Committee

Are you interested in having a place to grow vegetables, flowers or herbs? Is your yard too shady or do you have too many deer to have a garden?  If the answer is yes, you may be interested in a community garden.


The City of Ellisville is planning to establish a community garden in 2017 in Bluebird Park and is reaching out to Ellisville residents that are interested in having a plot.  The City has been contacted by many residents that are interested but we have room for more.  The Parks and Recreation Department is also looking for a few people that would be interested in helping to plan and manage the garden.


The garden would include individual planting plots, access to water and a fence around the perimeter to keep deer from helping themselves to your garden.  The garden will be adjacent to the softball fields by Oak Hill Trail in Bluebird Park.

If you would be interested in renting a plot at the Ellisville community garden, or interested in helping to plan and manage the garden,  contact the Ellisville Parks and Recreation Department at (636)227-7508 or email Lisa Blumer at: