City Manager's Office

Duties & Responsibilities

According to Ellisville's City Charter, the City Manager is a professional manager who is responsible to the City Council for administration of day-to-day operations, all city departments, and preparation of important city documents such as the annual budget, long range plans, and comprehensive plans. The City Manager also provides executive support to all municipal departments. These support services include personnel management, professional recommendations, negotiations, public relations, financial management, public records, and other related functions and duties.


While the City Manager is executively responsible for the city's daily activities and may participate in public meetings, he or she does not vote. Instead, the City Manager and staff work to implement policy passed by the City Council and ensure that all city government functions are implemented according to City Charter, the Municipal Code, state statutes, and applicable federal laws and guidelines. The City Manager's Office provides the Mayor and City Council members with information they need to set informed policy direction for the city and its residents. The City Manager's Office monitors, evaluates and responds to employee issues and concerns. It also promotes the city through publications, public meetings, participation in special events, regional cooperation, and professional organizations.

If you have any questions or would like to contact the City Manager's Office for any reason, please do not hesitate to call or visit City Hall.