Snow Removal

When it's cold, snowy and icy, many of us would like nothing more than to stay in the warm confines of our home, but many of us have to get somewhere regardless of the weather. That is definitely the case for our Public Works staff who are called out in all hours to clear streets so the rest of us can get to where we need to go.

Preparing for winter weather, crews switch over the limb chipping and leaf vacuuming trucks for plowing, closely monitor weather reports, and stockpile salt. Eight vehicles are available for plowing. A fierce storm requires a full crew of 7 workers, which can rotate shifts with an additional 7-person crew.

The first priority is to clear arterial roads. By placing the arterial streets on the priority list, emergency vehicles, and other motorists will only navigate a few snowy blocks before they reach a plowed road. After the arterial routes have been plowed, crews plow subdivision streets.

Not all streets are maintained by city crews. Manchester and Clarkson Roads are maintained by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) while Clayton, Kiefer Creek, Old State, Ruck roads are maintained by St. Louis County.

Plowing is an intensive service. Our drivers work in the worst weather conditions to keep the roads cleared for our residents.

Do Your Part

Please help our crews clear the road by doing the following:

  1. Avoid parking on the street to allow crews to clear the road from curb to curb. If 2 or more inches of snow are forecasted, please park in the driveway. According to City Code Section 26-298, vehicles are prohibited from parking on any public street in the City of Ellisville at any time within 12 hours after a snowfall of 2 inches or more has occurred. During this time, parked vehicles can impede the Public Works Department trucks and create additional hazards which delay street cleaning. Your help in keeping the street clear is greatly appreciated.
  2. Remove basketball goals from the curb and right-of-way.
  3. Avoid shoveling the snow from your driveway into the street. If you have a contractor plow your driveway, please make sure they do not push snow into the street. As you clear your driveway of snow, keep in mind that the snow plow truck pushes snow onto the grass and into driveways. With over 2,800 driveways, city crews are unable to remove snow windrows left by the plow. This cannot be prevented, but you can minimize this problem by clearing a 15 feet long area of the curb line in advance of the driveway. Most, but not all, of the snow from the plow will be deposited in the clear area. Your understanding is appreciated.
  4. When you see a snow plow, give them room to work. Stay at least 100 feet away from the truck. Although the pavement behind them has been cleared, the pavement in front is snow and ice-covered.