Duties & Responsibilities

The Administrative Services Director is responsible for the City's accounting activities including preparing the annual finance report, compiling data for the annual budget and other documents related to the financial operations of the City. Among other things, the Administrative Services Director provides timely and accurate financial reporting, payroll processing, grant and intergovernmental revenue administration, funds management and debt service management.

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Tax-Funded Projects & Services

Your tax money funds a number of projects and services in Ellisville. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Trash, leaf / brush, and recycling pickup
  • Crime prevention and safety
  • 4th of July Festival
  • Summer Concert Series in the Park
  • Life Skills program in four local schools
  • Boys' and Girls' Scouts partnerships
  • Citizens' Police Academy
  • Street improvements
  • Stormwater improvements
  • Tree planting and replacement
  • Park trail maintenance
  • Youth / Adult recreation programs and events
  • Street lights
  • Playgrounds
  • Police Halloween Program
  • Snow removal and street cleaning