1/2-Cent Sales Tax Stormwater Improvement Program


On November 7, 1995, voters of the City of Ellisville approved a 1/2-cent sales tax for stormwater purposes. These funds can only be used to alleviate stormwater problems: to install new or replace existing stormwater systems or to build new residential streets with curb and gutters to collect stormwater. Inadequate or non-existent stormwater systems or streets without curbs and gutters can cause several problems such as soil erosion and water in homes in many Ellisville neighborhoods.

Typical improvements include replacing existing streets with a 26- foot wide asphaltic concrete street with concrete curbs and gutters, modifying and/or expanding the existing stormwater system including best management practices, removing and replacing driveway approaches, relocating utilities and other items such as grading and sodding.

New Manhole on Marsh Avenue