Attorney Entries & Requests for Continuance

This Division shall be always open for the purposes of receiving faxes, electronic entries of appearance and motions. Notwithstanding, entries of appearances and motions for continuances shall be submitted for any particular court session no later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled court date.

Attorneys wanting to enter on a case may do so either by mail, fax, email, or on LawSourceLIve.

Ellisville Municipal Division has set forth Ellisville Municipal Division Requirements when filing within the division, please review the requirements before filing with court. Ellisville Municipal Division Requirements

All requests for continuances must be submitted in writing to the Court.

Requests for recommendation and/or discovery must be directed to the Prosecuting Attorney.

The Court will not forward paperwork to the Prosecutor on behalf of the Defendant. It is the Defendant and/or Attorney for the Defendant's responsibility to file and provide the proper paperwork to the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney of the City of Ellisville.

Mail to:
Ellisville Municipal Court
37 Weis Ave.
Ellisville, MO 63011

Attention Court Clerk
636-779-5390 (fax)


Law Source Live

Please take note that all cases involving probation, driving while intoxicated, driving while suspended or revoked, assault, and resisting arrest must appear in court to plea.  Mandatory Appearance Order