Courtroom Procedures

Ellisville Municipal court is usually, first come, first serve. Before entering the courtroom, please be dressed in appropriate attire. All cell phones must be turned off or silenced. There is no eating or drinking allowed in the courtroom. There is no smoking allowed in the building.

During court there is no talking allowed except to conduct court business. If anyone interrupts court proceedings they may be asked to leave the courtroom.
  • If an accident has resulted from any moving violation, a court appearance is mandatory
  • If a court appearance is mandatory, you must appear in court on the date / time listed on your ticket. Failure to appear may result in a warrant for your arrest.
  • Speeding in a school zone, on a play street, or construction zones are mandatory court appearances

Law & the Courts Resource Guide

Please click here to review your rights and resources available to you.

General Orders

The purpose of these General Orders is to reaffirm the Court's commitment to adherence to all statutory provisions and the mandates of the United States and Missouri Constitutions. The Court shall provide open access to all with clearly defined procedures designed to afford defendants, the City, County and witnesses, with transparency, equal treatment and protections mandated by law.
Please click here to review the General Orders that are to be followed during court.

Application for Public Defender Services

To apply for Ellisville's Municipal Public Defender, please click here and fill out the application. All applications need to be approved by the Municipal Judge.