Home Security Checks

Home Security Checks is a service offered to Ellisville residents by the Police Department. Upon your request, an officer will inspect your residence on a daily basis while you are on vacation or away. If you would like this service, either call 636-227-7777, or go by the police station, #37 Weis Avenue. The police clerk will complete a form that requires certain information. Please have ready the following information ready when you call or go by the police station:

  • Address and phone numbers where you can be reached, if known
  • Basic information such as alarm information, timers, lights to be left on, etc.
  • Date leaving
  • Date returning
  • Home phone number
  • Know if mail delivery going to be stopped
  • Name, address, and phone number of an emergency local contact
  • Street address
  • Vehicles left at home: year, make, model/type, color, license number, where parked on property

When you return home from your trip, it is very important to contact the police immediately that you have returned and everything appears in order. Unlike reporting when you are leaving on a trip, upon returning home department policy requires an officer actually verify in person that it is really you that has returned. So, after returning home and notifying police of your return, expect a visit from an officer shortly thereafter.