Child Car Safety Seat Inspections

Despite increased awareness, child safety seat and safety belt usage rates are still disturbingly low. Strong occupant protection laws are a proven way to help parents remember to buckle up their children.

State Booster Seat Law

In 2006, Missouri's booster seat law took effect and requires more children to ride in car seats. The law requires children to ride in a booster seat until they reach 8 years old or 80 pounds or 57 inches tall. Previously, children were only required to use car seats until they turned 4. The Ellisville Police Department wants to help families comply with the law by participating in the Child Safety Seat Technician Program.

Child Safety Seat Technician Program

When it comes to the well being of a child, nothing should be left to chance, especially in a motor vehicle. Nearly 80% of child safety seats are incorrectly installed, leading to thousands of preventable injuries each year. The best seat for a child is one that fits the child and fits the car and one that the child rides in each and every time.

The purpose of the Child Safety Seat Technician Program is to help reduce the incidence of improper installation of child safety seats. The Ellisville Police Department has 2 trained and qualified Child Safety Seat Technicians that can inspect and/or install child car seats and to show parents how to safely install the seats themselves. Those officers are Lieutenant Wayne Moore and Patn. Angela Walsh. The child safety seat inspection is a free service provided by the Ellisville Police Department and is conducted at the police station.

Residents may call 636-227-7777 to schedule an appointment for this educational contact. Appointments are made according to the officer's schedules. Besides offering scheduled appointments, the department holds a special child safety seat inspections event each year.