Nixle Public Safety Information

The City of Ellisville is launching a new community information service designed to deliver important and timely information to residents in our area using the latest technology through Nixle's "Municipal Wire."

Nixle's "Municipal Wire"

Nixle's "Municipal Wire" is the first standardized, secure, and certified communication platform for local police departments, municipalities, and their agencies to communicate important, neighborhood-level information to the residents of their communities. Nixle's "Municipal Wire" is available at no cost to residents or police departments, and uses the same compelling model as social applications, such a Twitter and Facebook, while adding the security that is critical to ensure information received by users is trusted and accurate. Residents receive all information immediately by text message, email, and web.

Nixle's "Municipal Wire" is built exclusively for municipal governments and their agencies; local police departments and law enforcement agencies; fire departments and local emergency service agencies; and county, state, and federal agencies with a need to communicate neighborhood-level information. The government communication platform will not be commingled with any advertising or other content. Nixle's "Municipal Wire" will always be a separate and secure service with no advertising attached.

Immediate Alerts for Emergency Situations

Whether it is an urgent public safety notification sent to the persons located at a specific address, or a notification sent to the residents of a precise neighborhood regarding a missing child, or a much broader notification to an entire community regarding an emergency situation. Nixle provides the most precise, secure, geographically targeted distribution platform available. Nixle is a partner with Nlets, the International Public Safety and Justice Network. Nlets is the international, computer-based message switching system that links together local, state, and federal law enforcement and justice agencies for the purpose of exchanging information. Nixle's servers are housed within the Nlets secure facility.

All information is immediately available by text message, email, and web. Nixle will be used for alerts (crime, missing persons), advisories (problems in the area), urgent messages (road closures), and community events (programs, special events). It will also be invaluable in emergency management or disaster situations.

Sign Up

To sign up for Nixle simply go to the Nixle website and follow the directions. If you have any questions regarding this program, please call the Ellisville Police at 636-227-7777.