Disc Golf Course

Maps of the Disc Golf Course and score cards are available in the Park Administration Building
Which Disc Do I Need?
Beast - Driver
The Beast was an instant classic when it was released; giving players more distance using less power. The Beast's high glide, high speed and high speed turn all combine to give big distance. It is suitable for beginners and pros alike.
Dragon - Driver
This is a long-range driver, made from really grippable plastic that comes in 150 class only. It has great glide and is suitable for less powerful throwers who want to get more distance with less effort. Good disc for beginners and it floats in water.
Classic Cobra - Driver / Mid-Range
This model is just slightly more low speed overstable than the Cobra. It's an excellent low-flying, medium-to-long driver.
Aero - Mid-Range / Approach
The first-ever beveled edge disc is back. The Aero is a stable disc that basically goes where you throw it. Great for upshots, medium drives, and putting. Strongly recommended for novice players.
Coyote - Mid-Range / Approach
The Coyote is a larger diameter mid-range disc with good glide that flies predictably for straight, gentle turnover, or hyzer shots. It holds a soft flight line and has a friendly grip that makes it easy to throw and release. The Coyote is an excellent disc for many types of long or short approach shots, short drives, roller shots, and even short range putts. A great choice for beginners, intermediates and pros using only 1 disc.
Classic Roc - Mid-Range / Putter
Back by popular demand is this first rendition of the Roc. Low speed stable, and high speed unstable, the Classic Roc is a good approach disc and putter for all players.

Stingray - Mid-Range / Roller
A low speed stable to understable flyer, the Stingray has a very long glide and is used as a turning mid-range driver or roller. This is an excellent first driver.
Wolf - Mid-Range / Roller
A medium range, Thumbtrac driver that flies slightly understable at high speeds, and slightly overstable at lower speeds. It holds a line well and is a good beginner's driver that can double as an upshot disc and a long range roller.
Aviar Putt & Approach - Putter / Approach
Like the Aviar, except the Putter has softer plastic which grabs the chains and stays in the basket. It's a high speed stable, low speed slightly overstable flyer used for drives, upshots, and putts.
Juju - Putter / Approach
The Ching Power Line Juju is a multi-purpose short range golf disc suitable for putting and approaching. It has a flat-sided rim for more target surface contact and friction, and to slow it down for controlled upshots. The flight is designed to be neutral in stability with minimal fade so you'll land flat where you aim. The rim depth is similar to typical putter profiles, and the grip is comfortably enhanced by the contours on top.