Bluebird Park Special Events

2024 Event Sponsorships

Local sponsors help to make our annual events as wonderful as they are! If you or your business would be interested sponsoring any of our events, please contact Meghan Fadler by email or at 636-227-7508.

Please support the local businesses that sponsor our concerts, Annual Independence Day Celebration, and Hot Dog It's Chili!

Volunteer Information

Want to do something meaningful with your time? Volunteer for your Ellisville Parks and Recreation Department. The parks staff is looking for volunteers for our upcoming special events. Anyone interested should contact Meghan Fadler by email or at 636-227-7508.

Reminders for Community Events / Pets

The Ellisville Parks and Recreation Department would like to remind the public that there are to be no glass bottles during community events and no pets during the Easter Egg Scramble and the Annual Independence Day Celebration. Please also remember to keep your pets on their leash when in our parks or anywhere else when off of your property. When walking your pet, please remember that you should promptly remove and dispose of all feces left by any pet on public or private property not owned by the pet owner. Please be responsible and clean up after your pets in parks or wherever else you may walk them.

Inclement Weather

The Parks and Recreation Department will make every effort to hold all special events. If inclement weather should occur, (thunderstorms, lightning, snow, etc.) events may be cancelled in the interest of safety. If you are scheduled to participate in special event and inclement weather should occur, please contact the Park Administration Center at 636-227-7508 or visit this website for cancellation information.

Cancelled classes will be made up at a later date, if necessary.

Got a Special Event Idea?

The Parks and Recreation Department is always trying to develop new special events to benefit the public. If you have an idea, please contact Sally Grobelny by email or at 636-227-7508 to voice your suggestions.