Personnel Review Board

        Members          District                 Appointed/Reappointed          Expires

  • Frank Chapman,      District 1                                    11/02/2022                                 November 2025                   
  • Buck Fetters,            District 2                                    06/15/2022                                June 2025         
  • Jason Lievanos,       District                                         11/02/2022                                November 2025                                                                                                                                                                                


The job of the Personnel Review Board is to hear the appeals of certain employees dismissed from employment by the city. Those employees who feel they have been wrongfully terminated may file a written appeal with the Personnel Review Board after their discharge. The board will conduct a hearing and issue a written opinion to the City Manager and the employee in consideration after completion of the hearing, stating the facts relied upon by the Personnel Review Board in making its decision. The board will decide whether cause existed for imposition of the discharge of the employee. If there was cause for dismissal, no action is taken and the employee remains discharged. If there appears not to have been an adequate reason for dismissal, the employee will be reinstated.

The Personnel Review Board will consist of 3 voting residents of the city; who have knowledge and experience in personnel and or human resource management, preferably in the public sector; and who are supportive of the performance based employment principles. Personnel Review Board Members may not hold or be a candidate for any office of public trust, or hold or be a candidate for an elected or appointed office in the city, or be a city employee. Members of the Personnel Review Board shall be appointed for 3-year terms and each member may serve no more than 2 consecutive terms or portions of 2 consecutive terms. To contact a Personnel Review Board member, leave a message with the City Clerk at 636-227-9660. Messages will be forwarded to the appropriate member.