Business License Applications

All businesses located within the City of Ellisville must obtain a Business License from the City of Ellisville, even if exempt by State Statutes. If the business is a permitted use in that location you may proceed to obtain a Business License. If the business is determined to require a Conditional Use Permit you must first contact the city planner and begin the process of obtaining a Conditional Use Permit before a Business License may be issued.

Procedure for Obtaining a Business License
Contact Don Cary in the Finance Department to secure an application and instructions. Arrange for an Occupancy Inspection through Gene Kunzie (email), in the Engineering Department.

If major building renovation is being done as part of the new business, then the applicant must apply for and secure a Building Permit, first.

The inspector will conduct the inspection and provide the applicant with a Certificate of Compliance. With the Certificate of Compliance, an applicant may obtain an Occupancy Permit and submit an application to City Hall for a business license.

A business that provides a service, will pay a business license fee based on the square footage of the business space (see business license application for fee schedule). A business that is selling a product, will pay a business license fee based on gross receipts. All new businesses must estimate their gross receipts for the first full year of operation. The business license fee is calculated at $0.50 per $1,000 of gross receipt sales. Business Licenses are also required for Home Occupations (home-based businesses). The Home Occupation license fee is $25 per year.

The business license application (PDF) is now available online. All completed applications should be brought to Kathy Schneider in the Planning Department for processing. Exempt Businesses may email, fax, or mail 2 copies of the application and the emergency contact to Kathy's attention via email, at 636-227-9486, or at:
1 Weis Ave.
Ellisville, MO 63011