July Community Garden

​Ellisville Community Garden 

Are you interested in having a place to grow vegetables, flowers or herbs? Is your yard too shady or do you have too many deer to have a garden?  If the answer is yes, you may be interested in a community garden.

The City of Ellisville has established an organic (no pesticides) Community Garden for Ellisville residents.  The garden opened in the spring of 2017.  Ellisville residents interested in a plot can complete a Gardner Application online or in the Parks Administration Building.  Plots are 4x8, cost $25.00 per year and are assigned using a lottery system. The garden includes individual planting plots, access to water and a fence around the perimeter to keep deer from helping themselves to your garden.  The garden is adjacent to the softball fields by Oak Hill Trail in Bluebird Park.

For more information on the garden, please look over the Ellisville Community Garden Guidelines posted below. If you have additional questions please contact Lisa Blumer at lblumer@ellisville.mo.us

July 2017 picnic table
July 2017 2

Registration for 2019 will begin on February 1st.  The Ellisville Community Garden is for residents of Ellisville Only!   


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