If you are needing to be placed on a payment plan, you must fill out the payment plan paper work and return to the court. Payments on payment plans are due on the first (1) of each month. A minimum of twenty five ($25) is due on the payment date. Failure to make payment will result in collections and tax offset. Fill out and sign the form and turn into the Court Clerk at 37 Weis Ave., Ellisville, MO 63011. Fax 636-779-5390 or email

Only cases with payment plans can be made online using Office of State Courts Pay by Web site through Casenet. You can search your case by your name, using litigant name and then click Pay by Web or go directly to Pay by Web, select the 21st Circuit and type your case number in. Credit Cards, Debit Cards and eChecks are accepted. 

Payment Plan Agreement Form

Pay by Web