Prosecuting Attorney

The City's Prosecuting Attorney, acting as an agent of the City, is responsible for prosecuting defendants in Ellisville Municipal Court. Ordinance violations may be brought to the Prosecuting Attorney via citations or interested persons. The City may pursue charges at the Prosecuting Attorney’s discretion.

  1. George Restovich

    Prosecuting Attorney

  2. Pamela Jaeger

    PA Clerk
    Phone: 636-779-8906

Attorney Information

Entries of appearance and request for continuances must be submitted to the Court no later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled court date.

Request for recommendation and/or discovery must be submitted in writing to the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney by mail, fax, email or  Law Source Live.

Attorneys will receive a recommendation with an acceptance date once it has been completed by the Prosecuting Attorney.

Not Guilty Plea Form

Pro Se Defendants wanting the prosecuting attorney to amend their moving violation to non-moving violation may fill out the Not Guilty Plea Form by clicking on the following link: NotGuiltyPlea


For information on Department of Revenue, please click on the following link: DOR


Suggested alternative community service and program providers, please click on the following link:  ACS

Payment Plan

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