Prosecuting Attorney

The City's Prosecuting Attorney, acting as an agent for the City, is responsible for prosecuting defendants in Ellisville Municipal Court. Ordinance violations may be brought to the Prosecuting Attorney via citations or interested persons. The City may pursue charges at the Prosecuting Attorney's discretion.

Attorney Information

Request for recommendation and/or discovery must be submitted directly to the Prosecutor's Office by mail, fax, email or LawSourceLive. Please note that the Court will not forward correspondence to the Prosecutor on your behalf.

Entries of Appearance, Continuance requests, and all other court motions should be submitted directly to the Court. Please note will not forward correspondence to the Court or continue cases on your behalf.

Current case information can be viewed on Casenet.

Contact Us

  1. George Restovich
    Prosecuting Attorney

    Pamela Jaeger
    Prosecutor's Assistant

    37 Weis Ave.
    Ellisville, MO 63011

    Ph: 636-779-8906
    Fx: 636-227-7744

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Not Guilty Plea Form

Pro Se Defendants may request to have a traffic violation amended by submitting the NotGuiltyPlea form to the Prosecutor's office by mail, fax or email.

Proof of Compliance with Financial Responsibility Law

If you have received a Violation of Financial Responsibility citation, you may submit your Proof of Compliance with Financial Responsibility Law to the Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

Department of Revenue

Please consult the DOR for information on points, reinstatement, and licensing requirements.

Program Providers

If you need to complete a program such as DIP, SATOP, or Alternative Community Service, please see our list of Program Providers.