Ellisville Police Foundation


Beginning in January of 2019, the City of Ellisville is forming an Ellisville Police Foundation to support the Men and Women of the Ellisville Police Department. The purpose of the foundation is to assist the police agency in several areas.

Many police agencies across the country form foundations, business groups, community foundations etc. for supporting local police departments in pursuit of items that lead to the betterment of police services, and for the purchase of items outside of the normal police budget.

The purpose of the foundation within the City of Ellisville will be to identify and procure items that may be used by the police department to; enhance safety, provide relief in times of loss, and purchase items for officers that do not meet the criteria of normal budgeted items, but that will enhance the job of being an Ellisville Police Officer.

Were an officer to be seriously injured in the line of duty, the foundation would provide a check, in an amount approved by the board, to assist with immediate relief of urgent expenses. Additional potential items to be purchased may include but not be limited to, rifle rated ballistic shields, personal trauma first aid kits, back up/off duty weapons, exercise equipment for the police gym, training equipment, charitable pursuits and annual social events such as the police family day and the foundation business luncheon.

The budget approved by the Council and designated for the police department is fully funded and well suited to provide officers the equipment necessary to fulfill their duties. Normal items annually budgeted for would not be purchased with foundation funds. The items purchased through the foundation would explicitly be those items that are enhancements to the role of police officer and not items normally associated with an annual budget, nor items required for the agency to function as a police department. Regardless of the outcome of the foundations efforts, professional, state of the art police services will continue to be provided to the Ellisville community.

This foundation is a separate entity whose purpose is the support of the police department. Any business or citizen who wishes to donate to the Police Foundation will do so entirely voluntarily and may cease to do so at any time. Any support is greatly appreciated and all expenditures will adhere to strict purchasing guidelines. Businesses or citizens wishing to participate by donating to the Ellisville Police Foundation may do so by completing the Foundation Donation Sheet and returning it to the Ellisville Police Department 1 Weis Avenue, Ellisville MO. 63011.
Ellisville Foundation Donation Form (PDF)