Award Categories

1. Community Spirit/Support Award:
For the business that sponsors events or activities that further the high standard of living in Ellisville. This award is presented to a business or organization actively creating a positive impact on the community, their workforce and/or the environment:
Nominee must:

• Show a commitment to social responsibility and provide examples of what your business or organization has done in the past
   year to further its impact on the Ellisville community, workforce and/or environment

    • This may include sponsorships, scholarship support, internships, team support within the Ellisville community, charitable
       activities that strengthen our community, youth activities, or any of the many ways you have witnessed a business “give
       back” to our Ellisville community

2. Ellisville Business of the Year:
This award acknowledges a company that takes pride in its commitment to its clientele. Winners have demonstrated positive customer feedback and an innovative program or initiative.
Nominee must:

• Explain the business’ success in terms of increase in sales or unit volume; increase in staff and/or square footage; staying
   power; innovation of product or services offered; contributions to Ellisville community oriented projects; or other pertinent
• Be able to provide proof of prior year’s revenue
• Demonstrate a history of customer feedback supported by at least five testimonials

3. Beautification Award:
Customers and residents respond to communities with more pleasant and inviting environments. This award acknowledges a company that displays abundant pride in ownership by enhancing the curb appeal of its business. Award is based on most improved/maintained storefront. The visual appearance of the exterior business and storefront will determine the winner.
Nominee must:
• Submit photographs of the site and storefront (before and after, if applicable)
• Submit a description of the beautification improvements

4. Entrepreneur Award:
This award recognizes a business or organization that has been in Ellisville three years or less and demonstrates a high level of entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, perseverance, innovation and determination.
Nominee must:
• Demonstrate a commitment to success
• Have been in operation three years or less in Ellisville
• Demonstrate a high level of entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, perseverance, creativity, and determination to be successful
• Provide an explanation as to why your business is successful and should still be growing five years from now (motivation, 
   inspiration, aspiration)

5. Legacy of Ellisville Business of the Year:
This award is directed towards honoring longevity, quality products and/or services, and community service in businesses more than 10 years old within Ellisville.
• Be able to provide four full years of revenue
• Must submit a complete description of such program success and/or initiatives or efforts that have kept the business viable
  over the years/decades

6. Ellisville Project of the Year:
• Describe the project and its costs and how it has enhanced Ellisville as a desirable community (may be a business, residential,
   organizational, community, religious, or other project)

Apply for one of our 2019 Bluebird Awards and the opportunity to become one of Ellisville’s recognized businesses achieving excellence. Overall, the Bluebird Awards Program process provides your business the opportunity for brand exposure, access to City officials, other key business leaders, team camaraderie, and strategic planning. Be sure to give the application a look, you may find your business is a match for one of our awards. The networking alone and connections you’ll make through the process and at the event can be most valuable.

Application Deadline is: October 22, 2019

How to Apply:
Submit your nomination with the criteria described under the appropriate category to:
City of Ellisville
Bluebird Awards program
1 Weis Avenue
Ellisville, MO 63011

Or via E-mail to:

Businesses may be nominated for more than one award but must contain the required criteria described under the appropriate category or it will not be considered for that award. A business may only win one category award per year and will not be eligible to win that award again for a period of five years.