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Application Residential and Commercial Occupancy Inspection

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  2. City of Ellisville

    1 Weis Avenue

    Ellisville, Missouri 63011

    Phone: 636-227-9660 * Fax: 636-227-9486

  3. Application for Residential / Commercial Occupancy Inspection

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  9. Note: Fee is based upon square footage of residence, exclusive of unfinished basement and garage. Fee is $4.00 per 100 square feet, with a minimum fee of $60.00 which includes 1 reinspection. All violations must be corrected prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Compliance, which is necessary to obtain an Occupancy Permit.

    After submittal of this form, you will be contacted at the phone number provided above and given payment options. You will also be advised of your scheduled inspection date and time.

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