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Sewer Permit Application

  1. Updated Logo - 2019

  2. City of Ellisville

    1 Weis Avenue

    Ellisville, Missouri 63011

    Phone: 636.227.9660   *   Fax: 636.227.9486


  3. $0.70 Fee/Linear Foot of Storm Sewer

  4. Contractor Information:

  5. Property Owner Information:

  6. This permit expires 90 days after issuance. All material and workmanship will be in strict compliance with City Ordinances relative to such work and shall be approved by the sewer inspector before and after back filling.

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  7. PERMIT FEE: $5


  9. STORM SEWER FEE: $0.70 per LFT

  10. Version: 01/17/2020

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