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      The Bluebird Business Awards Program is an annual business community event created to help showcase the impact and vital role that businesses play in the overall development of our community. Below are the award categories, information on the nomination process, and established criteria for measuring and defining excellence. Award winners set themselves apart from the competition and are outstanding representatives of the best our City has to offer. Businesses are recognized for their creativity, vitality, stability and relevance. Equally important in selecting winners are civic involvement and responsiveness, demonstrated commitment to the advancement of the Ellisville business community, corporate responsibility, employee recognition and excellence in service. Self-nomination is encouraged, as well as nominations from business peers, customers, support organizations, and other parties positively impacted by the business. Winners will be announced at the Annual Bluebird Business Awards evening event held on Thursday, November 3, 2022. All winners, or their representative, must attend the event, so be sure to submit your nomination and mark your calendar!

    2. In order to be a Bluebird Business Award candidate, a business must:
    3. * Be located in Ellisville
    4. * Be committed to good business practices
    5. * Have grown or sustained employee count and/or      sales

    6. * Have a good history of employee relations
    7. * All taxes must be paid/proof of no tax due must be submitted
    8. * Possess a current Ellisville business license
    9. * Provide a business or organization description
    10. * Provide complete contact information
    11. * Must be open to independent reference and/or background check
    12. Business Name & Address
    13. Address must be in Ellisville
    14. Business Owner Name and/or Name of LLC (if applicable)
    15. Busines Owner's Address
    16. (Street Number, Street Name, City State and Zip)
    17. Business Owner's Phone
    18. Business Owner's Email
    19. Name of person making the nomination (Nominator):
    20. Nominator's Email
    21. Nominator's Phone
      I certify the business has a current business license. (The City will verify winners)
      I certify all taxes (Federal, State and Local) are paid and current (Proof of no tax due may be required of winners). This information may be requested from the Missouri Department of Revenue at (573) 751-9268 or on-line at (will need their 8-digit state tax ID #)
        I certify that the business will send a representative to the Ellisville Bluebird Business Award Ceremony to accept the award. (Failure to meet this requirement may result in forfeiture of the award)
        I agree to independent reference and/or background check.