How do I apply for the insurance program?
Applications are available at City Hall, 1 Weis Ave. The city may authorize you to make arrangements with a city contractor to camera inspect the line. If cabling is required prior to the camera inspection and if the camera inspection shows that no further problem exists following the cabling of the line, you will be responsible for reimbursing the city for the cost of cabling.

If the inspection shows that the sewer lateral service line requires repair or replacement, the city will authorize you to arrange for three written bids for such repair or replacement from the city’s list of authorized contractors.

After obtaining the three written bids and submitting them to the city, the city will select a contractor to perform the work. The contractor must obtain any necessary permits from the city and perform the work in compliance with applicable codes. The contractor must submit an itemized bill to the city upon completion of the work. If the contractor requests a change in price from the bid after the work has begun, such changes must be approved by the Ellisville Engineering Division.

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