What work is covered by the insurance?
The corrective work which is subject to reimbursement from the insurance fund is limited to excavation, repair or replacement of only the defective portion of the sewer line, backfilling, repairing sidewalks, driveways, and street pavement, and seeding and strawing of the disturbed portion of the yard.

It is the responsibility of the contractor (and covered by the insurance policy) to replace or repair sidewalks, driveways, and streets damaged or removed in order to accomplish the repair. In the event that accessory structures such as fences, sheds, garages, etc. are in the path of the lateral and lie over the damaged portion of the lateral, the city reserves the right to reroute the lateral, or to remove and replace any fences, landscaping or accessory structures. The city insurance program covers repair, relocation, or damage to underground sprinkler systems, underground dog fences, trees, fences, and landscaping.

Any services that you contract for which deal with work inside the walls of the home or which are outside of the coverage of this insurance program are not the responsibility of the city and will not be subject to reimbursement by this insurance fund.

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