Sewer Lateral Insurance Program

City Sewer Lateral Insurance Program

On August 3, 1999, Ellisville voters approved the Sewer Lateral Insurance Program.

This program, which became effective on January 1, 2000, provides insurance coverage to assist homeowners with the cost of repairs to residential sewer lateral service lines.

Steps in Sewer Lateral Insurance Program

  • Identification of a defective private sewer lateral
  • Blockage (unresolvable by private cabling)
  • Cave-In (investigated by the city and Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District, MSD)
  • Leakage (raw sewage on ground)
  • Application to city by homeowner
  • City contractor performs camera inspection and locates defective section
  • Upon city authorization, homeowner obtains three bids from city-approved contractors
  • Homeowner has work performed by contractor approved by city
  • Payment is made to contractor upon completion of work

Additional Information

The city has no obligation or responsibility for the performance of the contractor and no responsibility for any damages caused to the owner's property because of sewer line defects.

When the city determines an emergency or special circumstances exist, the bidding requirements may be waived by the city. In these special situations, the homeowner will be authorized to contact a specific contractor of the city's choice or the city may authorize the use of a contractor who is not the low bidder.

If the city is notified of, or otherwise becomes aware of, the probability of a leaking sanitary sewer lateral, then the city will take appropriate steps to identify the cause. This may include a dye test, video or camera inspection, or any other steps deemed necessary. The homeowner is responsible for repair or replacement of a leaking or defective sewer lateral. You may be eligible for assistance under the Sewer Lateral Insurance program.


If you have questions about the sewer lateral insurance program, please contact Holly Woodland at 636-227-9660, Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.